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The Pardoner is sinister person who usually doesn't work and goes from place to place selling indulgences for the catholic church. The pardoner is clever and greedy for he only wants all the money he can take from poor people who didn't understand that selling indulgences was a good way for the church to make money. During the Middle Ages, the practice of indulgences became corrupt and many in the church became greedy and powerful like the Pardoner who during that time was lying and stealing from many people saying that if they pay, all their sins will be forgiven or not paying is a terrible sin.

Description of the Pardoner Edit

The Pardoner is described as to be fat in body and weak in the soul. That his body looks and smells like a toad in the cellar, his appearance only shows a profound uneasiness. He is a fraud knowingly and flourishes in a popular game using religion to make money from people’s shame, greed and superstition, his profits are not spiritual and are only objects like money, cheese and gold rings. His trade came from dubious church practice that is difficult to understand and very easy to abuse for it can destroy people’s faith in god.

Chaucer's Opinion Edit

Chaucer explained the Pardon as a sinner who profits from the sins of others. He looks like a man of god but is a greedy official of the Catholic church. His existence is proof how the church let their evil practices last for century's until the Reformation of Martin Luther showed that the church cheated its followers for their everlasting greed and showed different ways to get forgiveness from God.

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